Mink Eyelash Extension:

 Eyelash extension are any number of enhancements designed to add length, thickness and fullness of natural eyelashes.

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Please make sure your eyes are clean from any makeup or any other eyelash application
prior to service.

Please make sure to remove the eye contact lenses prior to service.

Full Set Eyelash Extension - 150$
Bottom Lashes - 45$

Mink Eyelash Extension - $200 
Eyelash Maintenance - $70 & up

Bottom Lashes - $65

Bottom Lashes Refill -$45

Eyelashes Removal - $20
Individual Eyelash Application - $35
Strip Lashes Application- $20

Do's and don't:
* If you haven't already tried lash extension, you should at least once in your life.
Don't get your extensions wet for 24 to 48 hours after application
               (avoid workout, hot yoga steam room...).
* DO resist the urge to pull - if you pick, twist or excessively touch it could damage
           your lashes.
* Don't let moister rich products get onto your lashes: heavy creams or anything
                that is oil base: mascara, serum, makeup including eye primer and more. 
* Do reshape your lashes after shower - gently comb your lashes. 
          (you will get a disposable mascara brush from us!)
*Don't neglect tour own lashes - maintain the health of tour natural lashes with
               eyelash conditioner and growth oil free serum - they help the hair to stay
               in the follicle longer and stronger support for the extensions. 
*Do have fun!!!  - flaunt, flirt and be sexier. The best thing about eyelash
                                  extension is that EVERYBODY
                                  notice them!!!
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